• Programming

    Honestly, I still haven't figured out why I decided to study computer science. However, right now I enjoy my study as a computer science student at UChicago very much.

  • Gaming

    Games have played an important role in my life. Even though playing games might affect one's study, I have learned to balance between playing games and study.

  • Sports

    I started to learn how to play ping pong (aka table tennis) when I was 8ish. I used to be quite good at it. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a place to play ping pong in the U.S.

  • Music

    I am a big fan pop music. I like Taylor Swift and Backstreet Boys. I would also listen to some soft music when I feel upset. This is a good way to relax.

  • Travelling

    I travelled a lot with my parents when I was boy. The most unforgettable trip I had was the one after high school. I conquered Mount Tai with my friends.

  • Cooking

    Thanks to Tim and Thomas, I learned how to cook in London. I look forward to enhancing my cooking skills. I regularly hold pot luck party in my apartment to learn from my friends.


No.1 Middle School Affiliated to CCNU (Wuhan, China)

I was lucky to spend 3 happy years in one of the most prestigious high schools in China. High school was mostly about endless study and exams. I admit that I was not good student at that time, and neither am I now. However, during my high school days, I learned how to manage my own time, how to respect others, and most importantly, there, I met Leo Zhao (@THU) and David Han (@HEU) -- two of my best male friends. Thank god.

Beijing Institute of Technology (Beijing, China)

In college, I had the honor to work with two deligient colleagues -- Massic Ya (@THU) and Haifeng Li (@UCAS). Together we have done many excellent projects. However, the most interesting project I had ever done was when I was a sophomore. At that time, my team participated in the Chinese University Computer Games Championship and implemented serveral computer game AIs. The Connect 6 one ended up in the 1st place. I really miss those old days working day and night.

University College London (London, U.K.)

Thanks to the great firewall of China , a lot of the fancy tools, such as google drive, dropbox, etc., are still unknown or unavailable to most of the computer science students in China. Fortunately, I got the chance to spend my senior year at UCL to see how the rest of the world looks like, and UCL was indeed a good university. I also had a good time in Campbell House (the name of a residence hall at UCL) with Nick (my dear roommate), Joyce, Tim, James and other cool guys. My experience at UCL further sparked my interest in getting a master/doctor degree outside China.

The University of Chicago (Chicago, U.S.)

I hold a master's degree from the University of Chicago, and I was privileged to be advised by Professor Blase Ur and work with Professor David Cash.