Enze "Alex" Liu

Computer Security and Privacy Researcher

Recent News

[2019-09-23] Joining UCSD as a first-year PhD student! I am affiliated with Sysnet and CryptoSec research groups.
[2019-09-08] Arrived in San Diego! Love the sunshine here.
[2019-05-20] Presenting our paper "Reasoning Analytically About Password-Cracking Software" at IEEE S&P 2019 (Oakland).
[2019-02-01] After two years of work, our work on reasoning analytically about password-cracking software is finally accepted by IEEE S&P 2019 ("Oakland").
[2018-03-21] Received my master's degree from UChicago! Many thanks to my family and friends who have always been supportive.
[2016-09-20] Starting my master's study at The University of Chicago.